Patty C.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 04/05/24
I was impressed with how fast they responded to make an appointment an appointment for me. Dr Basel instantly helped me with an under lying problem that was adding to my problem with my broken toe. I would highly recommend this office.
Barbara B.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 03/26/24
Left message on Sunday requesting an appointment as soon as possible. Dr. Cottom saw me Monday morning. He performed appropriate procedures alleviating my pain and took time to explain a plan for future care.
Randy L.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 03/11/24
Always enjoyed my visits with Dr. Cottom. He’s just one of those helpful, kind, and knowledgeable doctors who are easy to talk to and easy to like. I felt as though he always treated me like family.
MAtthew L.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 03/02/24
They took their time and listened to our concerns. We did not feel rushed . THEY offered several alternatives which were not surgery or invasive .
Andrew S.
4/5 Star Rating

Submitted 03/02/24
Very good
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 02/08/24
Dr. Badell and the entire staff at Florida Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Center are wonderful. I appreciate Dr. Badell taking time to go over the diagnosis clearly and treatment options. Everyone is friendly, helpful, polite and I never had to wait more than a few minutes before being seen. Highly recommended.
Kelli B.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 01/12/24
So if you have ever had foot pain you know how painful and life changing this can be. After struggling for several months I went to podiatrist’s several times . Still undiagnosed I found Dr. Cottom and his team 1visit surgery shortly after and I am on my way to my daily activities. Cannot say enough about this practice except THANK YOU!!
Connie K.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 01/09/24
Dr. Cottom has been fantastic through out my treatment. He and his staff are kind, informative and very caring. I would recommend Dr. Cottom, to all. He is well educated and stays on top of the latest and best treatment plans available. Wish there were more doctors like Dr. Cottom. He is fabulous!
William T.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 12/13/23
I’m thrilled with my time at Dr. Badell’s practice! The staff exudes warmth, friendliness, and exceptional helpfulness. Dr. Badell was incredibly patient and generous with his time. I wholeheartedly recommend his practice to everyone!
Jo C.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 11/17/23
The care and ultimate resolution to my orthopedic condition provided by Dr. Jay Badell DPM, and his entire staff at the Florida Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Center proved to be extremely effective and deeply appreciated! I spent several years making visits to numerous “specialists”: two podiatrists (who provided arch supports, special shoes, and cortisone injections); a surgeon at a massive Sarasota orthopedic practice (provided ultrasound guided cortisone injections) and finally I now have the resolution to a painful and mobility limiting condition! Dr. Badell thinks outside of the box: clipping a nerve supplying sensitivity to an inoperable bone spur; using cutting edge techniques to enhance a favorable outcome – PRP during surgery; and using laser therapy post op to reduce discomfort and increase recovery time – ultimately allowing me to return to a pain free mobile existence! I was impressed with his entire team. The medical assistant Liam was very helpful during my laser therapy and office visits; the preoperative coordinator was very helpful and made the process easy to navigate; and the surgical center made the experience reached out to ensure that all of my questions were answered. I highly recommend Dr. Badell DPM!
Bruce M.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 10/06/23
I have been treating at Florida Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Center for approximately five months. During this time I have had numerous appointments at your facility. At each and every one of these appointments your staff has seen me on time or actually before the time of my scheduled appointment. In todays medicine this never happens, thank you for respecting my time, this is GREATLY appreciated. I was diagnosed as having heel spurs in both heels and Achilles Tendonitis in both ankles, a painful combination that was preventing me from living the active lifestyle of racket sports, golf and biking that I wanted to pursue on a daily basis. Through an aggressive, non surgical treatment regime, I am now 95% pain-free and able to once again pursue my active lifestyle. Thank you and your staff for quite literally getting me back onto my feet again. Bruce Morgan
William K.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 08/01/23
On-time, friendly staff, friendly doctors that listen and explain your issues to you in a way you understand and gives you options
Jason K.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 06/08/23
56 year old type 2 diabetic here. A wound on my big toe became infected and spread to my bloodstream. Nine days in the hospital and loads of IV antibiotics. Dr. Badell performed the surgical procedure at the hospital to clean it out, biopsy the bone in my toe and follow up with my care until I was fully healed a few months later. I have been to several Podiatrists throughout the years and I can honestly say Dr. Badell is the nicest, most knowledgeable and competent physician that I have ever dealt with. I highly recommend him and will be seeing him quarterly for my routine diabetic foot check ups. His office staff is also very friendly and efficient. 5 stars plus for sure.
Carol H.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 05/31/23
I have to say i was most impressed with visit the first time i have meet with Dr Dadell at Land wood ranch medical center, He told me about his concerns about the way my foot and toe look, he explaine to me that the toe would have to come off he told why and how he was going to do it, he never left me in the dark. to this day as of May 31, 2023 he still is looking after me with the most respect out going matter, Everyone at his office are outstanding care giver, Thank You for taking good care of me.
Rosa A.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 03/03/23
It is very rare to find a Doctor who never seems to be in a hurry. I have been a patient of Dr. Wolf for 15 months following a severe fracture of my left heel. At each visit, Dr. Wolf has taking all the time neccessary to explain the situation and the treatment options as well as answer all of my questions. Throughout the ups and downs of treatment he showed true concern and care for my well being. I highly recommend Dr.Wolf.
Gr E.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 12/15/22
Very knowledgeable Doctor. Dr. Cottom was clear and concise with a wonderful bedside manner. The staff was professional and friendly! Thank you!
Jamie D.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 07/25/22
Dr. Cottom and his staff got my dad right in within 1 day while he was in town on vacation looking for a second opinion on his ankle pain resulting from a previous surgery out of state. They were very welcoming, helpful, quick, and thorough in their scheduling and examination. Dr. Cottom was genuine and very helpful with his insight, and very down to earth. Their new office is absolutely beautiful and the whole staff from front to back had great energy and welcoming smiles. They make you feel at home! I will absolutely be seeing Dr. Cottom in the future for my own foot problems, and I am positive my husband will be seeing him for their cool laser. Thank you all so much for taking care of my dad!
Suellen M.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 07/19/22
Words simply cannot express my gratitude for the extraordinary care provided by Dr. Cottom, both as a surgeon and as a clinician. I only wish all doctors were as skilled and caring as he is. I would recommend Dr. Cottom to anyone who needs treatment for their foot and/or ankle. He is truly head and shoulders above all the rest.
Kim B.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 05/23/22
The staff was welcoming and the doctors awesome! They were attentive and provided great care!!
Kristin L.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 05/23/22
I am so very pleased with my entire experience! This is my 4th ankle surgery and thanks to Dr. Cottom and Dr Wolf, I will never have to have another surgery. Dr Cottom is so kind, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. He is a skilled surgeon and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of my surgery. Also, Dr Wolf is a wonderful doctor and surgeon as well. As a team they are the best surgical team I believe in all of Florida if not beyond. I traveled two hours to this office and it was totally worth that! Finally, I want to say that Dr Cottom’s medical assistant, KP, is really quite amazing. She responds to any requests immediately and is also very patient and kind. This office is very lucky to have KP. All in all, I would say that if you have a foot and ankle need please don’t hesitate to go to this practice. They are top notch!
Bonnie H.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 05/11/22
On time very knowledgeable patient and compassionate
Jack K.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 07/14/21
Cynthia Z.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 06/02/21
Superb. Excellent relaying if information. So so pleased and appreciate
Lori E.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 05/24/21
Great first appointment, the Dr & staff were excellent and I was in and out in a timely manner.
Donna S.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 05/20/21
Awesome and informative. The entire staff was amazing.
David R.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 01/14/21
My visit to the office impressed me beyond words. I was coming for a second opinion, and then wished I had come there first. The staff (Katie, JP, Andy) made me feel so welcomed, and the facility was beautifully designed— more like a health spa than a traditional cold medical office. Dr. Greschner spent ample time listening, looking over the x-rays with me, and educating me. He gave me just the feedback I needed, and helped design a plan moving forward. I have a follow-up visit in a few weeks, and I’m looking forward to it. This practice is a wonderful gift to the community.
Jill S.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 01/08/21
Extremely efficient office. Dr. G excellent at explaining issues, approaches..wish I’d found y’all much sooner
Michelle P.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 12/12/20
Prompt professional caring respectful
Jay D. B.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 11/18/20
I have the utmost respect and praise for this gifted doctor and surgeon. Sarasota, Florida is lucky to have him. Outstanding care and communication. He assisted in the rebuilding of my achilles tendon and heel bone. Thoroughly pleased with all aspects of my surgery and aftercare.
Jay D. B.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 11/18/20
Dr. James Cottom was the lead surgeon, assisted by Dr. Joseph Greschner, in the reconstruction of my severely damaged Achilles Tendon. This also involved removing a bone spur. I could not be more pleased with ALL aspects of my care experience with these two gifted surgeons and their team of health care professionals. I would recommend them without reservation. Two thumbs up!
Cindy D.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 10/28/20
Got us in very fast
Wallis W.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 09/29/20
After 7 years of debilitating ankle pain, countless doctors appointments and treatments that didn’t work, I finally found Dr. Cottom and he and Dr. Charles did my brostrom procedure. I went from having constant pain to being able to do everything I wanted again. Everything went so well with my surgery and they were so caring throughout the whole process. I had my surgery one year ago and it literally changed my life!!
Cara T.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 09/27/20
Dr Cottom and office staff are extremely friendly and caring. They treated me as a person not just a number as a lot of practices do now a days. I would definitely recommend Dr Cottom to my family and friends.
Kristen F.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 09/24/20
Staff very organized, timely, informative and professional. Being an RN, truly appreciate how both the physicians and their staff respect you and your time.
Sonya B.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 08/24/20
The entire staff, Katie, Julia, Dr. Cottom, Dr. Greshner & certainly not last KP was wonderful! I was at the office 8/17 & KP made everything happen for my surgery 9/3. They are professional as well as being friendly and I have never had two doctors spend time with me like both of them did. Thank you all – Sonya Barnett
Martin B.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 08/05/20
Larren P.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 07/09/20
If I could give TEN **********STARS I absolutely would to this fine team of professionals. They speak plainly, thoroughly and explained in detail potential solutions for resolution of a longtime problem. The focus was strictly about a successful outcome without anything unnecessary or unrealistic. I couldn’t be happier and now thankfully I am walking free of FOOT pain for the first time in over a DECADE! Their genuine caring and desire for my personal success and healing was evident from the moment I stepped through the door. Everyone had a high degree of integrity and were laser focused on a successful patient experience, extremely genuine and quite a few laughs along the way. With sincere gratitude, Larren P.
Diane D.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 06/14/20
So glad I was referred to Dr. Cottom & Dr. Charles. They were very thorough in their examination, explained my options, and patiently answered my questions. Surgery is scheduled next week. I was seen on time for my visits. Office staff is professional and friendly. I would highly recommend these Drs. This experience was totally opposite of a prior experience I had with another Doctor.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 05/01/20
Dr. Charles was caring & attentive, requesting specifics as he did initial exam. Then Dr. Cottom came in & was very detailed about what procedures he was going to do, as well as specific instructions & an extremely quick turn around on follow up. Very pleased with his bedside manner & concern for my well being. Would highly recommend!
Julie F.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 03/24/20
My daughter, Chloe, had an injury that bothered her off and on for almost a year. After visiting a handful of other doctors and not getting any answers we came to see Dr. Cottom. He was amazing. He explained what was causing the pain and had a plan to help stop it. With Chloe being a volleyball player, she wanted to get back on the court as quickly as possible. Not only did Dr. Cottom get us into an MRI appt right away, he was able to get her into surgery within the week (on Christmas Eve)! Being the worried mother I am I had questions in the following weeks after surgery. My emails and phone calls were followed up quickly by KP, his assistant. Within 8 weeks my daughter was back on the courts. We both couldn’t be any happier with the results. Thank you Dr. Cottom, Dr. Charles, KP and the rest of your staff!
Lisa R.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 01/29/20
I am absolutely thrilled about everything with my 1st visit at this office. This is actually a 2nd opinion appointment on a pain in my foot. Everything from the front office and staff was completely different from the previous visit I had elsewhere. It was so welcoming. I didn’t wait long at all, and the doctor spent a very nice amount of time with me properly diagnosing my condition. They did not rush the appointment at all, and took the time to educate me on what we were looking at in the xrays. I feel very trusting in Dr. Cottom and his staff and am SO glad I found them!!
Lindsay P.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 01/16/20
I came in as a new patient and was seen on time. Dr. Cottom has a nice demeanor, is a good listener and patiently answered all my questions about my issues. Both receptionists were pleasant and friendly at the front desk. Overall, a great experience and would highly recommend to my other tennis playing friends!
Joanne T.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 12/02/19
We were extremely impressed with the Doctor and his staff. Very respectful of our time, caring and thorough. Looking forward to working with him.
Colette Y.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 11/15/19
I injured my foot while on a trip I checked for specialists in Sarasota and was impressed by Dr Cottom credentials, my doctor in Sarasota gave him a 100%, excellent. I made an appointment. Upon arrival at the office, I was greeted by the 2 ladies at the front desk, then by the nurse and X-ray’s tech. All these ladies were professional and extremely friendly. A few minutes later, Dr Cottom arrived X-rays in hand. From the time he walked in I was impressed by his friendliness and caring ways . Dr Cottom spent A LOT OF TIME explaining my injury and ALL my options. I NEVER felt rushed though I had a lot of questions. I have not had the surgery yet but I have full confidence in Dr Cottom. I give the doctor full credit for the way his staff is run, the best I have come across in any doctors offices in Florida. I came in concerned but left confident. To sum up : dr Cottom is an excellent doctor
Michelle H.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 11/06/19
They were incredible. These doctors run a very organized operation and their staff were very nice to me as a new patient. I saw two doctors and both were informative and spent time answering my Questions. I would recommend them to anyone.
Pamela V.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 10/28/19
Very through professional compassionate and answered all my questions in a way I understood.. from the time I arrived till I departed oh and did I say never had to wait!! Thanks everyone!!! Special high five to KP!!!!
Pamela V.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 10/27/19
I’m right now healing from a phase 2 flat foot reconstruction I will be out if my second cast and going in tomorrow for the boot and will be weight bearing a little more after tomorrow this will be week 6 I have to say this is the m oh st professional pleasant group of caring doctors I’ve had the pleasure to know I’ve been both a patient and a caregiver to n m ay who have also had to be in doctors care I give them a excellent care shout!!!! You can call me if you need to speak to me about my experience.
Kim M.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 10/01/19
Very thorough and seemed to want to get to bottom of my problem.
Linda C.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 09/18/19
The entire staff was professional and helpful. The facility is clean and pleasant.
Joana H.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 09/17/19
Very professional, kind and on time.
Denise P.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 08/22/19
Great customer service, very patient and took time to describe treatment.
John A.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 08/15/19
Friendly staff
Keith B.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 07/19/19
Dr. Cottom did a triple arthrodesis surgery on my left ankle in 2012. 2019 and my ankle still feels great. I highly recommend him and his staff.
Larry C.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 06/19/19
Charles S.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 06/07/19
Went in for my 1st year follow up on my left ankle replacement. The staff and Dr. Cottom are exceptional, they never leave you in doubt or fail to answer any questions. The best of the best. I’m so glad I had Dr. Cottom perform my T.A.R, the surgery and recovery went with out any difficulties or unexpected problems. Highly recommend this team of professionals.
Carolyn H.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 05/24/19
My first experience was excellent from the open reception area and service to the entire staff . Very professional and friendly. I would recommend this group to anyone that has experience lack of professionalism in their past. Dr. Cottom and his staff were all a 10+. Many thanks for giving me peace of mind with my issue.
Sherry T.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 05/22/19
I have been a patient of Dr. Cottom’s for several years. He has been professional, extremely knowledgeable, and compassionate at every single office visit. I highly recommend Dr. Cottom for any of your foot and/or ankle complications.
Carmela C.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 04/19/19
Dr. Cottom operated on my right foot. Answered all my questions and always felt very confident in him and his staff. Wonderful experience.
Sandra B.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 03/09/19
didn’t get the answer I was hoping for, (pain relief without surgery) but Dr Cottom took alot of time with me and explained my condition very well.
Craig M.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 09/25/18
Exceptional Surgeon, particularly for Achilles Tendon repair. Knowledgeable and professional, Dr. Cottom thoroughly explained all the options in attempting to meet my expectations, as well as accurately describing the journey to recovery, through casting, a walking boot, and physical therapy. To both my drive and desire, everything in the recovery process was delightfully accelerated, and I can say I’ve returned back to all prior athletic activities with the same aggression and no hesitation. If you need Achilles tendon surgery, this the RIGHT doctor.
Robert A.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 07/26/18
Dr. O’Connell very thorough, very patient!! Answered all my questions and proposed some great recommendations!!!!!
Joan H.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 06/05/18
You are in excellent hands with Dr. Cottom. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. When I took a nasty fall and broke my right foot and ankle his was the name that friends and friends of friends kept recommending to me. On my first visit while in the waiting room I sat next to a lady who I found out had drove all the way over from West Palm Beach just to have Dr. Cottom do her surgery. Knowing all of this before even meeting him I was absolutely sure I was in the right place. I wasn’t wrong. His staff was efficient, friendly and understanding. K.P. let me know that she could be called upon anytime after surgery should I need assistance. Dr. Cottom explained what would be done, what I could expect in the weeks to come and how long the recovery time would be. He shared how important physical therapy was to my resuming life like nothing ever happened and that in his office Dr. Diaz along with his therapists Pablo & Anna if I worked hard the results would follow. We take for granted getting out of bed every morning and putting both feet on the floor headed for the kitchen and that first cup of coffee until the day you can’t. With Dr. Cottom as your Surgeon you know the day will come when you’ll again be able to do just that…..patience is the key. Thanks Doc
Sandra D.
5/5 Star Rating

Submitted 05/09/18
I needed to find a good surgeon for my ankle. I met with Dr Cottom providing my reports and X-rays describing all the years of pain and injuries . He provided a solution explaining it in detail. The total ankle replacement was basically the only choice I truly had as I had difficulty walking and standing. We made the appointment for the surgery. He performed it at the best hospital ive ever been in. Dr Cottom and his staff are extremely professional. I give Dr Cottom a 10, his bedside manner was stupendous, kind and very conservative in treatment. The surgery went well and after the final cast was removed, I was able to apply pressure. If you follow his instructions, you will heal quickly. His staff was marvelous and always willing to help. Again, if you need a foot specialist, I highly recommend Dr Cottom.