Multiwave Locked System (MLS) Laser Therapy, a patented, FDA-cleared technology, continues to gain traction in restoring patients’ lives by relieving pain and inflammation, says Cutting Edge Lasers. They say that the development of this unique system aimed to address pain, swelling and inflammation surpasses the capabilities of traditional low power lasers and mitigates concerns associated with high power laser therapy. According to the company website, MLS Laser Therapy delivers controlled laser energy, resulting in precise dosing. The MLS Laser Therapy systems move a beam over the skin so that photons penetrate the tissue, then interacting with various molecules (chromophores) causing photochemical, photothermal, and photomechanical effects.

MLS provides therapeutic wavelengths of 808nm (addressing edema and inflammation) and 905nm (providing analgesia). Cutting Edge Lasers shares that combining these wavelengths within the patented MLS pulse produces a synergistic effect and minimizes thermal damage. They say that this particular combination of wavelengths and synchronization of emissions (continuous and pulsed) makes MLS unique and distinct from other Class IV lasers.

The company shares that clinicians may  see an impact when using MLS Laser Therapy for multiple conditions, including, but not limited to: plantar fasciitis, neuromas, neuropathies, arthritis, sports injuries, sprains, strains, tendonitis, wounds and post-surgical swelling.

Franklin R. Polun, DPM, DABFAS, FACFAS has used the Cutting Edge M6 MLS laser for four years. He shares that the pain relief his patients gain from this treatment helps them regain quality of life. Using it most commonly for plantar fasciitis, post-surgical recovery, neuromas, neuropathy and gout, he says that incorporating MLS Laser Therapy is a game-changer in his practice.

“Patients benefit from the noninvasive, nonpharmaceutical treatment, and your practice will grow from the word-of-mouth of satisfied, pain-free patients,” adds Dr. Polun, in practice in Potomac, MD, and Washington, DC.

Christina Bui, DPM, MPH uses the MPhi5 MLS laser and says the apparatus’ versatility is a key design component. She cites the targeted precision of the hand piece, combined with the ability of the pantograph arm with the multidiode ultra head to treat larger areas as a highlight of the system.

“If a patient’s area of pathology is in a singular location, the multidiode headpiece does not require a constant operator, which frees up a team member to complete other tasks,” she adds.

Acute-onset plantar fasciitis, chronic fasciitis, peripheral neuropathy pain, tarsal tunnel syndrome, osteochondral pain, stress fracture pain, post-operative recovery, and wound care are among the conditions for which Dr. Bui says she uses the MLS laser.

“The applications are endless and I am discovering more each day,” she explains. “Patients who are afraid of surgery or who have seen multiple providers and have underwent multiple surgeries especially gravitate towards MLS laser treatment because at this point in their journey, they only want conservative care. While undergoing laser treatment, I always reassure patients that should they not see resolution of symptoms, they will either get additional complimentary sessions or reimbursement. I haven’t had to issue a single reimbursement.”

Dr. Bui, in practice in Columbia, MD, feels the MLS laser is one of the most useful tools in her arsenal.

“It has added much value to my patient care process and it has helped me get off the ground financially as a start-up practice, going on 8 months now,” she says.

Paul Ross, DPM, FACFAS has used the M6 laser from Cutting Edge Lasers for about 4 years, for a multitude of conditions including peripheral neuropathy, trauma, and chronic arthritis. He says that the robotics of the head allowing a wider area of concentration of treatment is a particularly helpful feature.

“I also like that both wavelengths light are available so that we can address a multitude of patient concerns,” he adds.

Dr. Ross, who practices in Bethesda, MD, points out that in his practice, using MLS laser therapy has significantly decreased the need to prescribe both opioid pain medication and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

“In our experience, this system has shown significant effectiveness for not only acute pain, such as in the postoperative period, but for chronic conditions like neuropathy and osteoarthritis,” he says.

Drs. Cottom and Wolf have invested in this advanced technology to help better treat our patients and achieve excellent outcomes.  Please call 941.924.8777 or visit for more information on this exciting technology and schedule your appointment to learn more!



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