Dr. Cottom Trained on the latest Total Ankle Replacement system available in the United States by Professor Beat Hintermann MD, the designer of the implant and world renowned orthopedic foot and ankle surgeon.

BALTIMORE, Nov. 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — DT MedTech, LLC (DTM) today announced that the Hintermann Series H2™ Total Ankle Replacement System has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


The Hintermann Series H2™ is a semi-constrained, total ankle replacement prosthesis developed by Prof. Beat Hintermann, a world-renowned foot and ankle surgeon based in Liestal, Switzerland. The Hintermann Series H2™ Total Ankle Replacement System is indicated for use with bone cement to treat ankle arthritis in either primary or revision surgery of ankle joints damaged by systemic arthritis of the ankle (e.g., rheumatoid arthritis, hemochromatosis), primary arthritis (e.g., degenerative disease), and secondary arthritis (e.g., post-traumatic, avascular necrosis). The Hintermann Series H2™ is also indicated for patients with a failed total ankle replacement or non-union/mal-union of the ankle arthrodesis, provided that sufficient bone stock is present. The Intellectual Property of the Hintermann Series H2™ is protected by numerous patents with additional patents pending.

DTM continues to market and distribute its Hintermann Series H3™ mobile-bearing Total Ankle Replacement System outside of the United States in over 30 countries. The Hintermann Series H3™ is a substantiated leader for the international ankle replacement market with more than 17 years of proven clinical efficacy outside of the United States.

Prof. Beat Hintermann, developer of the Hintermann Series™ Total Ankle Systems, stated, “I am looking forward to adding the H2 as a semi-constrained option for my patients alongside the H3* mobile-bearing prosthesis. With the addition of the new H2 prosthesis, I will be able to expand my indications and patient selection for total ankle replacements.”

Dr. Cottom is the only foot and ankle fellowship trained surgeon who has completed this training in Florida.  “I feel this implant could be a game changer in ankle arthroplasty and I am fortunate to have been trained by one of the world’s leading foot and ankle surgeons.  I am extremely excited to be able to offer this new technology with my patients in Sarasota, FL.”



Dr. Hintermann going through the surgical technique and case examples (Right).  Dr. Hintermann training Dr. Cottom on the implantation of the H2 total ankle (Left).


Dr. Cottom Attends Masters Total Ankle Replacement Course in Liestal, Switzerland

Dr. James Cottom attended a two-day intensive course on advanced total ankle replacement in Liestal, Switzerland.  This meeting was attended by orthopedic surgeons from all over the world and was organized by Prof. Beat Hintermann.  Dr. Cottom was the only surgeon from the United States to attend this prestigious event.  The course concentrated on advanced treatment options with total ankles, revision implant cases and correction of major deformities of the lower extremity and the impact on total ankle replacement.  This was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity and Dr. Cottom is proud to bring back the techniques he learned and be able to offer these to his patients in the United States.