Florida Orthopedic Foot & ankle Center Trauma, Reconstructive and Sports Medicine Foot & Ankle Fellowship Program

ACFAS Recognized Fellowships Initiative:

To foster high-quality fellowship programs through support, recognition and visibility, the ACFAS Board of Directors has approved the “ACFAS Recognized Fellowship” program. Programs meeting minimal requirements are officially recognized by the College, which will in turn provide these programs support through grants and visibility. Fellows of these recognized programs will benefit from lower dues rates, job placement assistance and recognition of program completion.

The College is pleased to announce the group of programs that have been recognized by ACFAS for meeting and exceeding the College’s minimal standards.  Florida Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Center and Dr. Cottom are included.

Florida Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Center 12 month Foot and Ankle Fellowship

1 position available per year (August 1- July 31)

Director: James M. Cottom DPM, FACFAS

Fellowship Curriculum/Objectives:

Fellowship represents an additional year of subspecialty training and will be hands-on, involving direct patient care, not merely observation.

  1. Fellow will be exposed to advanced techniques in all aspects of foot and ankle surgery and reconstruction including circular frames, TAR, trauma and allograft talar replacement. Additional training emphasis on clinical decision-making, research/publication and practice management.
  2. Program length will be 12 months duration.
  3. Fellowship Director: James M. Cottom DPM, FACFAS
  4. Quarterly evaluations and review with Fellow on academic, surgical, and patient management skills.
  5. Fellowship Program Director will remain an ACFAS member in good standing. 
  6. Workspace and support staff/clerical personnel will be provided to support the program/fellow. 
  7. Research and scholarly publication requirement: 

    -3 papers and either poster or manuscript presentation at ACFAS and/or AOFAS

  8. The fellow will have access to the following facilities:

    – Advanced Surgery Center of Sarasota

    -Doctor’s Hospital- Sarasota, FL

    -Lakewood Ranch Medical Center, Lakewood Ranch, FL

  9. The fellow will have access to major medical library and will be allowed adequate time to devotr to scholarly research and investigation.
  10. The fellowship will publish the operative case volume for its fellows each year in its updated listing. This documentation will be verified by ACFAS.
  11. There will be at least monthly review of peer-reviewed literature.
  12. All patient care will be supervised by qualified faculty. The program director will ensure, direct, and document adequate supervision of fellow at all times. Fellow will be provided with rapid, reliable systems for communicating with supervising faculty.
  13. Duty hours are defined as all clinical and academic activities related to the program; i.e., patient care (both inpatient and outpatient), administrative duties relative to patient care, the provision for transfer of patient care; time spent in-house during call activities, and scheduled activities such as conferences. Duty hours will not include preparation time spent away from the duty site.

    -Duty hours will be limited to 80 hours per week, averaged over a four- week period, inclusive of all in-house call activities.

     -Adequate time for rest and personal activities will be provided. This will consist of a 10-hour time period between all daily duty periods and after in-house call.

  14. The fellowship will assist the fellow and pay any related dues in regards to staff privileges at affiliated hospitals and outpatient care centers, provide malpractice coverage and provide support to attend the ACFAS Annual Scientific Meeting.

  15. The program director will provide appropriate documentation to fellow upon completion of the program.

  16. Final evaluation: This evaluation will include a review of the fellow’s performance during the final period of education, and will verify that the fellow has demonstrated sufficient professional ability to practice competently and independently. The final evaluation will be part of the fellow’s permanent record maintained by the institution.

    Standard certificate or diploma: Fellowship will have a standard certificate or diploma provided to fellow after successfully completing the fellowship.

  17. The fellowship will disperse to its fellow(s) a ‘fellowship manual’ containing: written goals and outlines for the program, expected skill sets and techniques to master by way of the fellowship training, and specificdescriptionsofdidactic and clinical curriculum. Also, included in this manual will be a specific description of didactic and clinical curriculum.

    Included in the manual:

    -Contact information with description of location, training sites and training staff involved in fellowship training.

    -Statement of purpose and goals

    -Specific training requirements.

    -The use of objective measures to assess elevating levels of clinical/ surgical/research training during the fellowship

    -Description of curriculum with goals and objectives

    -Description and methods of fellow evaluation process as well as tracking/logging of fellow work efforts and surgical volume.

    -Faculty and fellowship evaluation forms.

    -Description and schedule of didactic activities

  18. The fellowship will provide its fellow with paid vacation time, sick time, medical education time as well as malpractice with tail coverage: 

    -Paid Vacation Time: Two Weeks

    -Sick Time: 5 Days

    -Medical Education Time: One Afternoon Per Week

    -Malpractice Included

Contact Dr. Cottom at:   Drcottom@FLOFAC.com


Dr. Ryan Rigby FACFAS, Logan, Utah
Dr. Jacob Thompson FACFAS, Fresno, California
Dr. Jared Maker FACFAS, Cincinnati, Ohio
Dr. Philip Richardson FACFAS, Phoenix, AZ
Dr. Joseph Baker, AACFAS (Tucson, AZ)
Dr. Britton Plemmons, AACFAS (Longview, TX)
Dr. Steve Douthett, AACFAS (Eugene, OR)
Dr. Kelly McConnell, AACFAS (Salem, OR)
Dr. Colin Graney (Fellow 2018-2019)
Dr. Charles Sisovsky 2019-2020 (New Albany, IN)

Dr. Joseph Wolf 2021-2022 (Toledo, OH)

Dr. Jay Badell 2022-2023 (FLOFAC, Sarasota, FL)

Dr. Josh Ekladios 2023-2024 (Current Fellow)